Office Hours: The Fruit of the Spirit is... by Dr. John Fesko

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R. Scott Clark

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Office Hours talks with Dr. John Fesko, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean at Westminster Seminary California, about his latest book The Fruit of the Spirit is...

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Dr Clark, how would you formulate faith's relation to sanctification?

We've got a simple statement on justification derived from Scripture, that is that a person is justified by faith in Christ alone.

What could we say about sanctification?

A person is sanctified by faith in Christ.........................................................?

Rob H

Puritan Board Freshman
Dr. Clark,

Just listened to this podcast today. Great session. I actually hadn't heard this before quite so clearly. I've been wandering around trying to find a good way to express just this message to my kidlets at home. A trial run with my oldest at her counseling session appeared to make good sense to her and the counselor. Thank you for the session and Dr. Fesko for the interview. He's a great preacher too! It was awesome to hear him a couple months ago at our church.

Definitely a positive review in iTunes.


Puritan Board Doctor
Quote from Dr Clark
I think I agree with what John said. Was he unclear?

Clear enough. I may well get the book.

We are sanctified by faith in Christ as to our source of spiritual energy or sap but the regenerate soul is active in making use of the means, making progress in sanctification and producing good fruit.

All the glory goes to God, without Whom none of this would be true.

Is that a fair summary?
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