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    Office Hours talks with Dr. Michael Horton about his latest book, "For Calvinism", written in response to Roger Olson's "Against Calvinism". Michael Horton is J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California and Roger Olson is Professor of Theology at Truett Theological Seminary (Baylor University).

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  3. Ask Mr. Religion

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    And here, Olson notes:

    "All of them {reviewers of the pre-publication drafts of his book) had the same reaction–that my book absolutely devastates high federal Calvinism (“decretal theology” of the TULIP variety) UNLESS one is willing to worship a God who is at best morally ambiguous and at worst a moral monster OR embrace sheer contradiction."

    "Besides (as I also explain in the book) IF election to salvation is absolutely unconditional, God COULD elect everyone to salvation. If he doesn’t (but could) he’s a moral monster. The only way around that is to believe that both individual election and reprobation are conditional."

    "I think a pastoral candidate should be absolutely up front with the congregation about his or her theological orientation before accepting the call. From what I hear, many Calvinist pastors hide their Calvinism until they are firmly ensconced in the pulpit and then attempt to impose it on the congregation. That is leading to splits of many Baptist congregations especially in the South."

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    why is he an arminian?
    "In other words, IF they became convinced that somehow they had been overlooking something in Scripture (as they think I do) and, in fact, God and the devil are actually the same being such that God is evil, they would believe it because the Bible says it.
    "I, on the other hand, presuppose that God cannot be evil; that goodness and being belong inextricably together or else there is no ground for basic trust.

    He reasons that his idea of goodness cannot be fallen or evil in itself so he decides to apply that view of God to the bible and gets an arminian perspective. While we patiently read the bible and see that God is good and has ordained all things from begging to end. No pre-anything. Saddens me.

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    And he is not confused. He is intellectually dishonest....
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