Offering Violence by Sanctifying the Lord’s Day

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From Watson‘s Heaven Taken by Storm* ( Joel R. Beeke Edition):

Pg. 35 - 36
Great was the work of creation; but greater the work of redemption. It cost more to redeem us than to make us. In the one, there was only the speaking a word, Psalm cxlviii. 5: in the other, the shedding of blood, Heb. ix. 22. The creation was the work of God's fingers, Psalm viii. 3: the redemption, the work of his arm, Luke i. 5. In creation God gave us ourselves; in redemption he gives us himself. So that the Sabbath, putting us in mind of our redemption, ought to be observed with the highest devotion. -- Herein we must offer holy violence to ourselves. When this blessed day approacheth, we should labour, that as the day is sanctified, so may our hearts be sanctified......

....We must dedicate the whole day to God. Under the law a single sacrifice was appointed for other days of the week; but two lambs were to be offered upon the Sabbath. All this day must be spent with God: he must be worshipped in public; and when we come home, we must have family worship. Many leave all their religion at church, as I have seen some do their bibles; not hallowing God's name in their own houses, Mal. iii. 8. 'Will a man rob God?' When men pretend to worship God in the temple but cut him short from family and closet duties on a Sabbath; this is to rob God, and steal part of his day from him.

P.S. Might have just found my 2 favorite Lord’s Day quotes in the same book! Watson was truly gifted!
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Love both of those quotes! Thank you for sharing, Grant.
Also, while at it, would you like the strorm in your title to become a storm? :)


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Very good. I may meme these. I don't recall using them when I did those weekly Lord's Day quotes couple years back.
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