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Travis Fentiman

Puritan Board Freshman

If you need an Old Testament Commentary, I am thankful to God to be able to present the fullest collection of good commentaries in English, available for free online (to my knowledge), including (but not limited to):

– Most all of the older (pre-1920’s) Old Testament commentaries that a Bible-believer would be interested in, that are free online;

– Every commentary given Charles Spurgeon’s top recommendation (3 stars), and many of those given his ‘good’ recommendation (2 stars);

– Every relevant commentary mentioned by Dr. Richard Muller in his survey of the major Reformation and Puritan era commentaries in McKim’s Historical Handbook of Major Biblical Interpreters (IVP) that is in English and online;

-Every Reformed, Puritan or otherwise good commentary we could find on PRDL and EEBO that is in English;

– And many more.​

If you find this useful, it will make my work worthwhile. Please enjoy:


Bill The Baptist

Puritan Board Graduate
Thank you for your hard work Travis. I am about to begin preaching through the book of Judges next week and these resources will no doubt prove beneficial.

Travis Fentiman

Puritan Board Freshman
Thank you all for the encouragement and hearing that the commentaries will be of use to you.

I hope to do the same for New Testament Commentaries, but that may be down the road a while (though the website does have quite a few NT commentaries as it is, on the NT Commentaries page).


Puritan Board Senior

I shared your page with several seminarians I'm shepherding. They were very excited.

Thanks for your work, brother.
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