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Discussion in 'Family Forum' started by LadyFlynt, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. christiana

    christiana Puritan Board Senior

    The same principle that goes for modesty in dressing applies to being discreet and covered if and when nursing in public. Either cover or stay in a private place. My mother would have said to use good taste and not nurse in public. People continue to adapt to the ways of the culture.
  2. peetred

    peetred Puritan Board Freshman

    I think nursing in public is great. I don't think that women should have to retreat to some secret place to nurse. I DO however, think that modesty should be observed. I think this varies from woman to woman. Some women can nurse modestly without a blanket. Some can't.

    I also don't think we should be looking at the previous cultures so much as to how we should handle these matters. It's what the scriptures say that is of upmost importance.
  3. Spinningplates2

    Spinningplates2 Puritan Board Freshman

    Can i get some footnotes on the Puritans that would agree that a woman should breast feed in mixed company?
  4. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    Yes. Didn't start out doing ALL that stuff, but yes, I onboard with much of it.

    -----Added 12/10/2008 at 05:44:15 EST-----

    May I ask what you think Puritan mamas did during long services in the middle of winter?
  5. Honor

    Honor de-cool

    I saw a thing on tv about child led weaning... the kid was 8 and loved it...weird to say the least..
    you do the cloth diaper thing too??
    see my dr said that if I kept breastfeeding Isaac while pg with Josh that Josh wouldn't get all the nutrients that he needed... I stopped right away... which God helped alot... Bobby gave hime some pot roast and mashed potatoes and the kid never looked back he was like 7 months old I think.
  6. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    An 8yr old I would have to say is possibly being over encourage by ma or is using ma as a binky/security blanket. Though some cultures, usually those with extreme nutritional issues, did/do nurse that long.

    I do cloth diapers, but recently fell off the wagon on it when it came to family moving in and a cousin babysitting...hubby and cousin requested sposies, but cousin is gone again and hubby is going to be working more hours, so I'm hoping to go back to cloth.

    I've never heard of breastfeeding taking nutrients from the babe a mother is pregnant with. If anything, it would be more a concern of you having too many nutrients taken from YOU. I've had hyperemesis. The body will always feed the child/embryo FIRST. So I would have asked for research to back it up...or rather, looked it up myself. There are cases where some women have such a strong uterine reflex to nursing that they have potential for miscarriage (not common, but can happen). This fear is why I always weaned when pregnant. Except this last time, I was finally comfortable with the idea and it actually helped my issues with hyperemesis/extreme morning sickness I get every other pregnancy. My 9mos old is now demanding regular food, but he still nurses as well.
  7. Honor

    Honor de-cool

    I can see that... I had a really hard pregnacy... I was glad I did... maybe she did say it was for my health... it was a while ago..
  8. Poimen

    Poimen Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    I knew this is off topic but I find this very profound. I guess that is common knowledge to those who have had children, but I am going to have remember this one in light of the abortion issue and the sanctity of life.

    Very cool!
  9. moselle

    moselle Puritan Board Freshman

    Even after nursing 5 babies...

    ...I am still an awkward nurser. So I always try to have a blanket, cardigan sweater, or something that I can use to avoid over exposure in public. Just not gifted in that area of coordination, I guess. But I do know mothers/babies who are so smooth you'd never know it.
  10. HuguenotHelpMeet

    HuguenotHelpMeet Puritan Board Freshman

    129-90 Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!

    P.S. -- Still nursing my 2 year old for now...but ready to quit!
  11. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    That's what I was! We don't think that the family bed is great for the marital bed, so I scored low there and a few other places. My daughter weaned herself two weeks before she turned one!! And I was a nursing while pregnant mama when I was pregnant with her.
  12. Honor

    Honor de-cool

    dude my kids crawl in bed every night... I keep putting them back and they mysteriously are there in the bed when I wake up
  13. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    That is awesome, Jessica! But totally understand the later also.
  14. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    Wow, this OP has grown quickly! The quickest 892 posts to ever be posted perhaps!

    Mention breasts and everyone comes running!
  15. py3ak

    py3ak They're stalling and plotting against me Staff Member

    Sadly, Pergamum is right. Of course, this was really like 19 threads in one.
  16. CIT

    CIT Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    My main argument was that man cannot blame his thoughts on someone else. Some were leaning towards the idea that if I saw a woman breast feeding and I lusted, then shame on her.

    I agree that NIP could be a stumbling block.
  17. Jon Lake

    Jon Lake Puritan Board Sophomore

    *Chuckle* Nice one man.:lol:
  18. peetred

    peetred Puritan Board Freshman

    2 years, wow! We made it to 14 months with my first son and my husband was hinting it was time to wean. We were both ready and it went great. Now i'm on nursling number 2 who is 4 months and my older son calls it "mommy milk". He doesn't know that babies eat anything else :lol: :offtopic:
  19. HuguenotHelpMeet

    HuguenotHelpMeet Puritan Board Freshman

    Yeah, I've never nursed this long either. My first two were done at about a year. We're almost done now though. He's not been two very long, but he needs a good push in the right direction. Some days he thinks he's a big boy and the next he wants to be my little baby again.

    Oh, and I nursed while pregnant with my second child too. Just through the first trimester though. My first two were so easy to wean. I wish it were so easy this time. He's very attached and it's become a comfort thing.
  20. Craig

    Craig Puritan Board Senior

    My opinion:

    If you're in church and need to nurse in public, definitely wear a head covering :lol:

    My wife says:
    Having just struggled with a lot of these issues with our first baby, I am all for the concept of charity- especially in the Church!
    For men who wonder how you can be modest without a blanket: As long as the bebe is cooperative, there is, like, a 3 second window where the "goodies" are exposed and then they are covered up by the bebe's head and the mama's shirt. Most nursing women I know can pull this off pretty well in public and, provided that someone isn't indecently ogling, most people are none the wiser.
    I am all for withdrawing to an area that is not "high traffic"- like the foyer or narthex during worship- because a squirmy baby won't draw as much attention there.
    Finally, there are these awesome things now called "Hooter Hiderz" aka, "Bebe AuLait", "Peanut Shells" etc. that are super-lightweight (no baby smothering) and attach around the neck so that it is more difficult for babies to pull it down. Also, they have a peek through for mamas to be able to see their bebes while no one else can look! They are pretty awesomely helpful for public nursing.
    *Note* Men (say your husband) CAN see down the peek through if they stick their head over the hole and look down. If any man tries that, he ought to either be your husband or be punched by your husband.
  21. kvanlaan

    kvanlaan Puritan Board Doctor

    Elizabeth scored 105 - loves the crunch! She actually had to have a doctor tell her to stop feeding Anneliese, because she was delivering in a couple of weeks! (Which is now only two days away.)

    Boy, any Freudians watching this thread could probably write a dissertation at this point...
  22. HuguenotHelpMeet

    HuguenotHelpMeet Puritan Board Freshman

    When I was expecting my first child 8 years ago, a friend of mine from church made me a nursing coverup that is almost exactly like what you are describing. I've used it for all 3 of my children and love it. Mine just goes right over my head and has a huge neck hole so I can peek in if I need to while still covering it up.

    But, wearing a big coverup lets everyone know what you're doing. The 3 second latch-on you described has worked very well for me and no one was the wiser.

    And :lol: LOL :lol: on your *note*. hee
  23. kvanlaan

    kvanlaan Puritan Board Doctor

    Oh, as for the child-weaning that took place at age 8, what's up with that? Wouldn't the next one have come along when (s)he was about 2 or 3?
  24. N. Eshelman

    N. Eshelman Puritan Board Senior

    Here's what I got (this is Nate's wife btw)

    129-90 Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!
  25. peetred

    peetred Puritan Board Freshman

    129-90 Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!
  26. nicnap

    nicnap Puritan Board Post-Graduate

  27. jwithnell

    jwithnell Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not much on child-led anything, but I do like the idea of letting a child nurse as long as it's wanted. I was afraid that would backfire on my last, since he was such a determined nurser, but at right around two, he had a cold and found nursing difficult/uncomfortable, and that was the end of that.
  28. Jon Lake

    Jon Lake Puritan Board Sophomore

    Ewww...that is WAY to old, sorry that crosses the threshold into Creepy-Land.:eek:
  29. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    hahaha--Last night when we were going to sleep I was telling my husband about my day at home, which involved PB, of course, so I was filling him in one some of the activities on the board.
    I was sleepy-talking, if you know what that is--nothing comes out too clearly, and you are not 100% awake, but you are still wanting to talk.
    Anyway, he was very confused, to say the least, about the NIP/Nudity in art connection! It made me realize how funny these two threads were by trying to explain what different concepts came up in the discussions!

    Hahahaha @ your note!

    They'd have us all diagnosed!
    How is your wife's health today? Is she feeling better??
  30. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    Yep, understand sleepy-talk.
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