Nice or Nicea? Preferred spelling.

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What is the preferred way to refer to the Council of Nicea; that or Nice? Or is it one way for the council and another for something else related to Nice?


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Nicea. Nice is a town in France, so there could be confusion if you spell it "Nice."

Also, some of the folks in Nicea might not have been very nice, so best to go with Nicea.

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Nice is an Anglicized (probably through the French) form of Nikaia (Green) or Nicaea (Latin). I haven’t seen anything post-1900 that used “Nice” so I go with Nicea.

You mention Nice, France. This city was founded by Greek settlers around 350 BC as Nikaia, then in Latin as Nicaea. So it had the same name as the city in Bythinia where the creed originated.
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