New Years Resolutions?

Discussion in 'General discussions' started by etexas, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Wanted to see the PB, 08 RESOLUTIONS! Being that I began the thread I will go first. : On the Spiritual front, a more disciplined Prayer Life. People mine (I will admit it) has been sloppy! On the Physical front, I have my new iPod and a super nice pair of running shoes, so I am going to start hitting the pavement again! People....I took our little dog for a walk, and got sore calves, I need to drop a good 20! It is just SAD! I am going through my "fat-Elvis" phase!:( Glad I am married....I would NOT get a date right now!:doh:
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  2. VictorBravo

    VictorBravo Administrator Staff Member

    Ten years ago I made a resolution to never make another resolution. I've managed to keep that one all this time. It's probably the only one I've been successful at. ;)
  3. toddpedlar

    toddpedlar Iron Dramatist Staff Member

    Sounds familiar. As a family, we've sworn off pop & fast food... each of these are gifts that keep on giving, so we thought it best to cut ourselves off cold turkey. Lord willing, we'll be very pleased with the results of our steadfastness in this.
  4. matthew11v25

    matthew11v25 Puritan Board Sophomore

    Since its our first year of marriage, my wife and I Started a self made plan to read the whole Bible from DEC.25 to FEB.14.
  5. toddpedlar

    toddpedlar Iron Dramatist Staff Member

    Whew! That's quick - are you doing it in the "one flesh" mode? I mean, since you're one flesh, in order to cover it in 7 weeks, all you really need to do is have you read half of it, and she can read the other half - then, your "one flesh" can lay claim to the whole :)
  6. matthew11v25

    matthew11v25 Puritan Board Sophomore

    :rofl: thats true...see what my wife thinks :D

    It is quick but it has been a good overview...about 30 pages a day (1 1/2 hour of reading). I have been blessed picking up themes that I usually miss going a chapter a day.

    I have always struggled reading through the bible in year because half way through I get distracted (new book comes out, etc). We started a few days early (week ago) and are just getting into Numbers.

    Our plan is a modified one off of this blog:
    Bible Reading Plan: Southern Seminary Style | Said At Southern Seminary
  7. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    :lol:....Well Vic, I would take this type of resolution except the two things I gave, are things I really need to do, IF all works out I may try yours for 09!;)
  8. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    As far as "Fast-Food" I HATE it but I still eat it, I just do it a whole lot when I get busy, Megan and I have decided to have more food "prepped" here at the house, further, IF I am a sit where I am on the fly and need some FF, I will go to Chic-Fil-A and get grilled chicken on whole wheat with mustard and for the drink....water or OJ. No fries!;) That wil be tough, they have good waffle fries!:)
  9. VictorBravo

    VictorBravo Administrator Staff Member

    It may be unexciting or undramatic, but I commend the ole "continual crockpot" approach. At least during winter. Good hot food that varies by what is last tossed in. Cheap, healthy, and filling. Add some homemade Irish soda bread and you almost think you're just in from the moors.

    crockpot soup

    simple soda bread recipe
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  10. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Not a bad idea! I don't mind crock pot "chow", when I was growing up my pop ran our Tank&Treater company (oil storage for you non-Texans;)) anyway, sometimes he would have really weird hours so, my Mom, did a lot of crock pot food, since it was always ready and good and hot when Dad came home. Nice memories actually!:cool:
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  11. BlackCalvinist

    BlackCalvinist Puritan Board Senior

    Made a list of resolutions in 05 that I'm still going through.

    Not 'new years', just resolutions.
  12. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    ???? Please share.....:D
  13. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Nice list my Brother! Number 3 there is something I am really going to work on! I mean I pray, but it is like, when I wash my face, in the car (in silence) and siting in my recliner in my study, nothing wrong with these in and of themselves, I just need some real "focused" time!
  14. Sonoftheday

    Sonoftheday Puritan Board Sophomore

    Ive meditated on Jonathon Edwards 70 resolutions several times in the past few months, they have made me want to make my own resolutions.

    If youve never read them I would suggest doing so, they can be found here.

    Historic Church Documents at
  15. VirginiaHuguenot

    VirginiaHuguenot Puritanboard Librarian

  16. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Very cool!:up:
  17. lololong

    lololong Puritan Board Freshman

    "Resolutions" for our family:
    -More consistency in the reading of the Word
    -Keep going to the gym regularly
    -Stick to our Dave Ramsey budget
    For me: That I would teach my girls well, ie teaching them what is important in much more than the academics. That I would demonstrate it...actions speak louder than words.
  18. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Nice! I hit the Gym yesterday! I felt so good mentally, I always feel more focused when I am in better shape, my Wife is giving me till the 1st to enjoy the fridge, before the really yummy stuff gets tossed. Sad sigh.....:drool:
  19. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Amen Andrew, missed that earlier Brother. Nice.:up:
  20. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Since this Lord's Day is the last before '08 I decided to use my "alloted" *BUMP* to get a feel for what the PB Members want to change for the coming year. I thank those who have given input , it has inspired me. For those who have not posted, fire away! You may have a Resolution or two that we all need to add.;) Grace and Peace.:pilgrim:
  21. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    :candle:......Last chance boys and girls.....unless you are real Old School Eastern Orthodox!:lol:
  22. BJClark

    BJClark Puritan Board Doctor

    I'm with Victor, I don't make new years resolutions..I never keep them so why bother making them???
  23. thekingsknight

    thekingsknight Puritan Board Freshman

    Lose weight in 08! (Get my head out of the feed bag).
  24. N. Eshelman

    N. Eshelman Puritan Board Senior

    Gain weight, exercise less. :cheers2::cheers2:
  25. JasonGoodwin

    JasonGoodwin Puritan Board Sophomore

    True. Why bother making them when you can't keep them? I prefer not to make resolutions in order that I may actually do something. That way, I have nowhere to go but up.
  26. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    LOSE 15 pounds over a year and a half (without doing it due to malaria or other health problems):

    This one is big. Background data: 5 years in the military, have jumped out of planes and ran a marathan, did a lot of sports (Judo, wrestling), could bench 375... ah, but now life here takes a lot out of us.... to just live. When I became a minister I gained 10 pounds that I have never lost. Add another 5 or 10 for our first child.

    I am a big burly guy who is really "thick" (likened to a brick..ummm.... outhouse on occasion)....I can still hike all day (29 hours in a 3 day period through mud last month)but I am getting slow and winded when I run too fast.... my wind sprints are laughable. I am feeling old and washed up at 32.

    Read the New Testament all the way through in the ___language and the English. This will be slow going. So many new words.

    Actually save some money: It is so hard to save money when pressing needs are all around. If a local kid is deathly sick, how do I keep money in the wallet and not help him get treatment. So, for about 2 and 1/2 years now, I have not accumulated any savings. This worries my wife at times. I want to change that. I plan to put money automatically into an account such that I cannot pull it out and thus force myself to save something.
  27. Southern Presbyterian

    Southern Presbyterian Moderator Staff Member

    I was going to resolve to stop procrastinating.... but I think I'll put that off until 2009. ;)
  28. Davidius

    Davidius Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    I would like to read through the entire bible before my wedding (JD's 90-day calendar is hopefully going to help me attain this goal!) and also become more disciplined in my eating and exercising habits.
  29. jaybird0827

    jaybird0827 PuritanBoard Honor Roll

    This is not a "resolution" but a change I've decided to make for our family worship:

    In morning and evening family worship we will be following the Psalmody Calendar (example) so as to sing the selection of the day at both hours in the hope of becoming more familiar with what we're singing and of gaining fuel for our family and private prayers.
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