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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
The Northampton Press is offering a pre-publication special price of $20 + $5 postage on "A View of Saving Faith from the Sacred Records" by John Colquhoun, the great Scottish Presbyterian preacher of the 18th century.

The contents include:

The Formal Reason and Ground of Saving Faith

The Objects of Saving Faith

The Warrant for Believing in Christ

The Acts of Saving Faith

Assurance and Full Assurance of Faith

The Adjuncts and Fruits of Saving Faith

The Difference Between a True and a Counterfeit Faith

Objections Answered

This hardback book will retail for $30. It is 302 pages long. The pre-publication price is good until November 1, at which time it go up in price.

Colquhoun is one of my favorites. While with SDG I published his "Spiritual Comfort" and "Law and Gospel." With the Northampton Press I have published his "Sermons on Important Doctrines."

This is choice stuff! :book2:
Very tempting, Don. Thanks for the info. I have read online excerpts from his Treatise on the Law and the Gospel which SDG published. I should probably get that too.

Just as a side note, Shouldn't Don Kistler be an automatic Puritan Board Doctor? He made it possible for my generation to read the Puritans in beautiful cloth bindings. Thanks for that Mr. Kistler- my first book that I read as a Christian was Heaven Taken By Storm.

Thank you!
I just received word that the new book by Colquhoun will be ready to ship the second week in October. That is 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
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