New Online Store at APM for Reformed Mugs, T-Shirts, Shirts, Calendars and Gifts

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
APM is getting a whole new facelift - wait till the first quarter 2011!
Keep an eye out for that. However, in the meantime...

Visit my new online store that offers new T-shirts, reformed mugs, reformation prints, calendars and a whole host of reformed gifts.

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I love the new Arminian Sweatshirt....:wow:

Officially, as of November 23, A Puritan's Mind now has a brand new online store that offers shipping and service within 24 hours.

In days past I've tried to keep up with people who order t-shirts and things on my site as fast as possible. But that was wearing me down a little.

I decided to go with Cafe Press and their automated assistance on making my designs on updated t-shirts, shirts, and lots of other items that I can use to create a whole host of Reformed items. The cost is a little cheaper that I had, and the quality of the t-shirts are BETTER IN EVERY WAY. But I'm using many of my deisngs on items other than t-shirts. And I'm creating a few of my own for some new items as well.
As one said - gadgets for God! :lol:

Ah, but REFORMED gadgets.

Why not wake up to a cup of coffee with Calvin or Spurgeon? Or maybe your pastor would like looking at Luther's Solas on a new wall clock? Or maybe your wife needs a reformed T-shirt in PINK.

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What's REALLY helpful is that they ship whatever is ordered in 24 hours.

So, just in time for Xmas, I launched all the T-shirts I had, plus new designs, new shirts, new reformed mugs, calendars for 2011, iPhone covers and lots more.

Keep in mind that everything that sells there goes to paying for the updates to APM - as I said in the beginning, APM is getting a whole new facelift and it'll look great for the new year. And the site will be much more readable.

In any case, if you are looking for a Reformed gift for your pastor, brother, sister, friend, wife, or you just want your iPhone to have a cover with Calvin on it, then visit the new store.

The inventory will grow - but right now I launched with over 70 items!

Take a gander here - CLICK HERE

The holidays are just around the corner! :p
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