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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

Well, technology has bumped A Puritan's Mind a little further.

We have a newsletter.

Lots of updates are included in it, and links to new posts and articles at APM (like Robert Bolton's sermon on regeneration, and Matthew Mead's sermon on weaning the heart away from the world. Both quite excellent.)

Sign up HERE

Or, when you are on APM, any one of the pages in a category (i.e. Puritan Favorites, Jonathan Edwards, etc.) will have a sign up form on the right hand side of the page.

It's easy...enter your email and hit subscribe.

That way even if you do not happen to visit the APM main page, you can still find out what's new there and visit relevant aspects of the site.


Puritan Board Freshman
Dear Matthew, I would like to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate "A Puritans Mind" site including the articles you have written and posted. I've had your site bookmarked for years, and it is one I trust. I've referred others to your site from time to time, even here recently I posted a link on another messageboard to the biography you wrote about Loraine Boettner. If I had the money I would donate just to help (I am quite poor), I am thankful for those who can and do. Be encouraged, God has made you a blessing to more folks than you're aware of!


Puritan Board Sophomore
Subscribed. :)

Might want to change the font color. I was typing but had to highlight to see what I was typing.
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