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In yesterday's mail arrived Union and Communion with Christ by Maurice Roberts (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2008). It has viii pages of introductory material and 130 pages of text. And it was only about $12.00.

Roberts is a fine writer. I have his three volumes of devotional studies published by BoT, which I cherish. Those books were compilations of his editorials for the Banner of Truth magazine, which he edited (1988-2003).

The new book consists of 18 meditations on the subject mentioned in the title.

Chapter headings:

The Love Which Believers Owe to Christ
The Union of Believers with Christ
The Nature of Our Union with Christ
A Union More Enduring Than Time
Abiding in Christ
Christ, Our Life and Our Righteousness
Seated with Christ in Grace and Glory
Evidences of a Real Union with Christ
The Love of God to Those in Christ
The Unction Which Teaches Believers
Christ and His Church
The Blessed Fellowship of Believers in Christ
The Brotherly Bond of Christian Love
Fellowship with Christ in His Sufferings and Joys
Our Communion with Christ in Joyous Experiences
Our Union with Christ in the Sacraments
The Union of Christ and His People Reflected in the Psalms
Man's Instinctive Desire for God's Fellowship

I'm definitely looking forward to reading this book.
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