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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Yes, after many requests - Its Finally Finished!

Highlights in Historical Theology

In thinking about Church History, we find it is of vital importance to historical theology since it gives theology a context in which it was produced and defined. Systematic Theology attempts to create statement of faith with the leading doctrines of the Christian Bible. Historical Theology then embodies both of these concepts as a way of informing theologians as to what has been believed, and what corrections, improvements or adherence need to be made in the present based on that information.

Topics include 74 Lessons ranging from 2 minutes to an hour on various subjects all through Historical Theology content. Some of the Lessons include:

Lesson 1: The Formal Context of Christianity
Lesson 2: The Theological views of the Apostolic Fathers
Lesson 4: The Greek Apologists
Lesson 5: Early Church Heresies
Lesson 6: Irenaeus, Tertullian and the School of Alexandria "“ Clement and Origin
Lesson 9: Western Theology, and Eastern Theology After Origen
Lesson 10: Arianism and Athanasius
Lessons 20-21: Augustine and the Trinity
Lesson 22: Christological Studies
Lesson 28: The Carolingian Renaissance
Lesson 29: The Dark Ages
Lesson 30: The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century and Eastern Theology
Lesson 32: A General Introduction to the Thirteenth Century and The Augustinian Tradition in the 13th Century
Lesson 35: Extreme Aristotelianism
Lesson 36: Eastern Theology to the Fall of Constantinople and Theology in the later Middle Ages
Lesson 38: After the Middle Ages a New Light and The End of an Era
Lesson 45: The Theology of Martin Luther
Lesson 46: Ulrich Zwingli and the beginning of the Reformed Tradition
Lesson 47: Anabaptism and the Radical Reformation
Lesson 49: The Reformed Theology of John Calvin
Lesson 50: The Reformation in Great Britain
Lesson 24: Reformed Theology after Calvin
Lesson 54: English Reform and the Westminster Assembly
Lesson 56: Justification by Faith Alone
Lesson 60: New Awakenings in Personal Piety
Lesson 65 - Theology in the Twentieth Century
Lesson 68 - Federal Vision Theology Today
Lesson 73 - Theological Method in the Modern Period

You can get this series as a stand alone series, or as part of the All In One DVD disc (I've added it to that).

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