New E-Book of Never Before Published Sermons by Jonathan Edwards

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Don Kistler

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The Northampton Press is making available a new book of previously unpublished sermons by Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). For the time being this material is only available as an e-book on Lulu, Kindle, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other digital book sites. The title of the book is "Wrath Against the Day of Wrath," and contains 15 sermons that are not available in any other form anywhere else...not from Yale University Press, not Banner of Truth, nowhere. In fact, they were not even published during Edwards's lifetime. The cost of this e-book is $7.00.

Here are the contents:


1. Unawakened Sinners Heap Up to Themselves Wrath Against the Day of Wrath as Men Are Wont to Heap
Up Treasures (A sermon on Romans 2:5)

2. ’Tis No Matter What We Go Through in Order to Salvation So That We Do But Obtain It at Last
(A sermon on Philippians 3:11)

3. All the Pleasure or Comfort that Wicked Men Will Ever
Have They Have in This Life (A sermon on Luke 6:24)

4. Not Everyone Who Says Unto Christ, “Lord, Lord,” Shall
Enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (A sermon on Matthew 7:21)

5. Wicked Men Cannot Bear the Misery of Damnation
(A sermon on Isaiah 33:14)

6. Wicked Men, Though They May Seem Outwardly to Forsake Their Wickedness, Yet if Their Natures Aren’t Changed, Will Be Very Liable to Return to Their Old Wickedness Again. (A sermon on Proverbs 26:11)

7. Those Who Are God’s Own People Have Much More Reason to Fear God’s Chastisements for Their Sins than Others
(A sermon on Psalm 94:10)

8. There Is Nothing Gotten by Ways of Sin
(A sermon on Proverbs 24:20)

9. He that Doesn’t Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
the Wrath of God Abides on Him (A sermon on John 3:36)

10. Unless Persons Believe in Jesus Christ They Shall Never
See Eternal Life (A sermon on John 3:36)

11. ’Tis in Itself Most Rational to Suppose that Wicked
Men Should Be Most Extremely and Eternally Miserable in Another World
(A sermon on Matthew 23:33)

12. Sudden Conversions are Very Often False
(A sermon on Matthew 13:5–6)

13. Wicked Men are the Devil’s Captives
(A sermon on 2 Timothy 2:26)

14. When God Comes to Execute Deserved Punishment on
Ungodly Men He Will Not Pity Them
(A sermon on Ezekiel 8:18)

15. The Worst Punishments Men Can Inflict Are as
Nothing in Comparison of Damnation
(A sermon on Luke 12:5)


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I'm glad to have these Don, thanks!

I'm curious, were these possible because of Yale's Edwards Project?
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