New Creeds and Confessions at A Puritan's Mind

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Dear Friends,

Can we ever become tired of MORE Reformed doctrine? I say - Never!

A BRIEF declaration of the chief points of Christian Religion,
set forth in a Table. by Theodore Beza.

Covenants of New England

The Scots Confession, By John Knox

The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople

Direction in Our Life: a simple Meditation on the Path and Choices We make in View of God's Sovereignty, By C. Matthew McMahon

A New Online Children's Book called, "The Cage"
by C. Matthew McMahon

Keep checking back. There are always new things to read and digest that will bring us closer to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please remember A Puritan's Mind in your prayers. The devil hates it when Christ's Word is proclaimed from the rooftops...


Puritan Board Professor
Thanks for posting the links. Being a New Englander, I found it particularly interesting reading the Covenants of New England. It is really neat to get a glimpse at the heart of the people who once lived in towns not too far from me. Oh that there might be a revival in New England...beginning with me.

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