New Christ-Centered Commentary on the Book of Psalms


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In the January-February, 2021 issue of New Horizons (the OPC's denominational magazine), there is a book review of a new four-volume hardback commentary on the Book of Psalms. It's edited by Peter H. Holtvluwer and published by Reformed Perspective Press. The volumes are explicitly targeted at the Christian in the pew and each psalm is commented on from a Reformed, redemptive-historical perspective, showing how each psalm points to Christ.

The information provided is a little sparse, in that there are no names of the contributing authors. The number of pages per volume is: Volume 1 - 516; Volume 2 - 322; Volume 3 - 370; and Volume 4 - 577, for a total of 1,785 pages. The website provides a couple of sample chapters so you can get a sense of how the commentary is set up.

It's called Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms - Study Resource. Judging by the sample chapters provided, I've ordered a set (priced at $70.00 - media mail shipping will depend on where you are, of course).


The editor is Pastor of Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church and a co-editor of Clarion Magazine. There are recommendations by Joel R. Beeke and Tremper Longman, among others.

UPDATE: There are 16 contributors to these volumes. All of them are, or have been, working pastors in Reformed churches in Canada.
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I noticed this set recently at Crown & Covenant Publications.

I'm rather intrigued. I'll have to read the book review you referenced - thanks for that!