New Book on the Church's Response to Covid

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A new book has been published by Ettrick Press (UK based publishers) on the church's response to covid:


Worship and Witness in Crisis: Has the Church Failed the Covid Test? Ed. by Matthew A. Vogan and Matthew J. Hyde, Ettrick Press, 2021, 296pp, paperback, £10.95

This edited collection of essays explores how the church has responded to the coronavirus crisis. Neither complacent nor condemnatory, contributors from various denominations across the UK reflect on the events of 2020-21 from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives.​

Table of Contents
1 – Pandemics and the church - by Rev. Iain Smith (Free Church of Scotland (Continuing))
2 – How may the church preserve unity in the midst of disagreement? - by Rev. Douglas W. B. Somerset (Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland)
3 – Should the church ever suspend public worship? - by Matthew J. Hyde (Strict Baptist)
4 – How important is it for believers to gather together physically to worship God? - by Peter C. Wilkins (Strict Baptist)
5 – How should church and state interact during a crisis? - by Rev. Allan W. MacColl (Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland)
6 – Exactly how much must the church render to Caesar? - by Matthew A. Vogan (Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland)
7 – What does loving our neighbour look like in a pandemic? - by Rev. Paul Murray (Free Church of Scotland)
8 – Is it ever unloving to go to church? - by Jonathan D. Moore (Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland)
9 – How far has our culture impacted the church’s response to the pandemic? - by Matthew A. Vogan and Catherine E. Hyde
10 – How can we move on from this crisis?

This is an excellent and very searching book on the various issues which have been raised over the last year (as you can see from the contents). Highly recommended. Available from the Free Presbyterian Bookroom:

Ettrick Press has also published the following two books of sermons by FP ministers delivered during the last year:

Messages from Captivity: Sermons from Ezekiel 1-24 by Rev. Allan W. MacColl:

A Call to the Church in the Pandemic by Rev. David Campbell:
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