New Audio CD on the Covenant of Works

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Dear Defenders of the Faith,

I have put out a new Audio CD on the Covenant of Works. This CD covers the "vital" doctrine of the probationary period of Adam that is being denied time and time again by those who have little or no understanding of what the Bible teaches on the subject, and what historical theology has always seen as faithful and true. This covenant is pivotal in understanding why the Auburn Avenue and Federal Visionists are mistaken in their views of Covenant Theology, and it fills the Covenant of Grace with meaning. Without the Covenant of Works, the Covenant of Grace and the Atonement of Christ make little sense - they are reduced to "technical folly".

This series is NOT a specific refutation of the Auburn heresy, but it is a solid 9 part series on the foundational and important doctrine surrounding what "covenants" are, and what the Covenant Works was all about. It is what the Bible teaches on the subject following the outline given by Herman Witsius in his wonderful work, "The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man." Without understanding the Covenant of Works, the rest of theology will remain a theological enigma.

I have set this offer up to include with the CD both the Covenant Theology Chart and the Covenant of Works chart.

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What a revelation it has been to immerse myself in a proper understanding of Christ's active obedience imputed to us! A grasp of the Covenant of Works may be just as profound a revelation.
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