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Discussion in 'The Law of God' started by fredtgreco, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. fredtgreco

    fredtgreco Vanilla Westminsterian Staff Member

    I am looking for resources on a Reformed view of natural law. Could anyone point me to books, articles, or web links?

    I'm NOT looking for a discussion or definition of natural law, or whether it is correct, etc.
  2. Prufrock

    Prufrock Arbitrary Moderation

    Pastor Greco, Danny Hyde posted this list a while ago which contained many useful articles by David VanDrunen:

    “The Context of Natural Law: John Calvin’s Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms,” Journal of Church and State 46 (Summer 2004): 503–525.

    “The Two Kingdoms: A Reassessment of the Transformationist Calvin,” Calvin Theological Journal 40 (2005): 248–266.

    “Natural Law in Early Calvinist Resistance Theory” Journal of Law and Religion 21:1 (2005-06): 143–167.

    “Medieval Natural Law and the Reformation: A Comparison of Aquinas and Calvin,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 80:1 (2006): 77–98.

    “The Importance of the Penultimate: Reformed Social Thought and the Contemporary Critiques of the Liberal Society," Journal of Markets and Morality 9:2 (Fall 2006): 219–249.

    “The Two Kingdoms Doctrine and the Relationship of Church and State in the Early Reformed Tradition,” Journal of Church and State 49:4 (Autumn 2007): 743–763.

    “Abraham Kuyper and the Reformed Natural Law and Two Kingdoms Traditions” Calvin Theological Journal 42 (2007): 283–307.

    “The Role of Natural Law in the Westminster Confession and Early Reformed Orthodoxy,” in The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, vol.3, ed. J. Ligon Duncan (Mentor, 2009).

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  3. Poimen

    Poimen Puritan Board Post-Graduate

  4. fredtgreco

    fredtgreco Vanilla Westminsterian Staff Member

    How about books? Authors? Someone in my congregation asked me for resources, and I believe he wants more than short internet articles.
  5. ChristianTrader

    ChristianTrader Puritan Board Graduate

    Any topic in particular, Mr. Greco? For example, natural law with respect to politics or natural law with respect to apologetics etc.?
  6. fredtgreco

    fredtgreco Vanilla Westminsterian Staff Member

    I don't think a specific emphasis. He asked for "Reformed studies of natural law."
  7. Jon Peters

    Jon Peters Puritan Board Sophomore

  8. Laura

    Laura Puritan Board Junior

    David VanDrunen will probably be your main resource for a Reformed perspective on natural law. He told my inquiring husband that there really is little else published on the topic from a Protestant/Reformed perspective, and that he's working to fill that void.
  9. R. Scott Clark

    R. Scott Clark Puritan Board Senior


    The PDF linked above is an academic journal article on Calvin's doctrine of natural law.

    The VanDrunen stuff (most of which are academic journal articles) is quite helpful and you might also look at Stephen Grabill's book on this subject.
  10. Casey

    Casey Puritan Board Junior

    I have a book by Budziszewski called Written on the Heart.
  11. a mere housewife

    a mere housewife Not your cup of tea

    There are some PDF books here: Books - Christianity & Culture -- the one by Jacques Ellul on Law looks interesting and has a section on natural law (though I understand from the Wikipedia article that Ellul was only very loosely 'reformed', a la Karl Barth?)
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