Natural Law Reading List Recommendations

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Beth Ellen Nagle

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I am working on a list of resources for studying Natural Law. I would appreciate recommendations. :book2:

So far I have these in mind:

Rediscovering the Natural Law in Reformed Theological Ethics_Grabill

Nature as Reason: A Thomistic Theory of the Natural Law_Porter

A Biblical Case or Natural Law_VanDrunen


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Here is a list of articles/chapters on NL from Dr. VanDrunen (excluding his book, which you mentioned above):

“The Context of Natural Law: John Calvin’s Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms,” Journal of Church and State 46 (Summer 2004): 503–525.

“The Two Kingdoms: A Reassessment of the Transformationist Calvin,” Calvin Theological Journal 40 (2005): 248–266.

“Natural Law in Early Calvinist Resistance Theory” Journal of Law and Religion 21:1 (2005-06): 143–167.

“Medieval Natural Law and the Reformation: A Comparison of Aquinas and Calvin,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 80:1 (2006): 77–98.

“The Importance of the Penultimate: Reformed Social Thought and the Contemporary Critiques of the Liberal Society," Journal of Markets and Morality 9:2 (Fall 2006): 219–249.

“The Two Kingdoms Doctrine and the Relationship of Church and State in the Early Reformed Tradition,” Journal of Church and State 49:4 (Autumn 2007): 743–763.

“Abraham Kuyper and the Reformed Natural Law and Two Kingdoms Traditions” Calvin Theological Journal 42 (2007): 283–307.

“The Role of Natural Law in the Westminster Confession and Early Reformed Orthodoxy,” in The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, vol.3, ed. J. Ligon Duncan (Mentor, 2009).


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Written on the Heart, Budziskewski
First Things, Arkes

Both are currently sitting on my shelf collecting dust waiting to be put on my reading queue. :book2:
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