My Skin...New Track Up! Take a listen even if you don't like Lyrical Theology

Discussion in 'Music' started by sealdaSupralapsarian, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. sealdaSupralapsarian

    sealdaSupralapsarian Puritan Board Freshman

    Fellow Puritans,

    Here is track that I made that was inspired by one of Dr. Demar's articles found here

    The Christian Worldview Forum • View topic -

    So I made a song about it b/c it was a very good article. I hope you enjoy the song. My family sure won't, but they haven't really liked a song I've done so far...But hey, someone has to say something. I'd appreciate your feed back for all the musically inclined folks on here.

    Name of the Track/Song is called My Skin:

    "My Skin" by seal_da_zeal

    For some reason it sounds better on Soundclick then Reverbnation...not sure why...

    SoundClick artist: seal da Zeal - Expanding Christ Kingdom in both his the Physical and Spiritual Reign. His Will be done on Earth as

    Grace and Peace,

    Same ole Current Eventz Mixtape....Dropping dis August....For Free :wink: :wink:....
  2. CNJ

    CNJ Puritan Board Senior

    Excellent. Enjoyed listening to it on Facebook and told others from my church about it too. You have a message and are talented.
  3. sealdaSupralapsarian

    sealdaSupralapsarian Puritan Board Freshman

    Hey Carol,

    How are you and Herb? Hope all is well. I didn't know you had a book. Looks interesting.
    Tell the folks over there I said hi!

    Grace and Peace,
  4. CNJ

    CNJ Puritan Board Senior

    You and Tiff and your two kids come by yourself and say "hi".
    Carol and Herb
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  5. sealdaSupralapsarian

    sealdaSupralapsarian Puritan Board Freshman


    I'm not sure what you are insisting in your response nor do I see any valid reason as to
    any notion I need the discipline(???) and fellowship of your church. We have been in Covenant
    fellowship at our Current Church for over a year now. We like it there. So I'm a little puzzled
    by your response as if we are not at a church. Are you insisting that your Church is better
    than the church I go too? If so, why would you say this in a public room and not through
    p.m. or something? I'm concerned....

    Grace and Peace,
  6. CNJ

    CNJ Puritan Board Senior

    My bad. That was not very charitable of me at all. I took out that very offensive sentence above. Glad you found a church, Seal. Sorry if this offended you. Horrors! No! Our church is not the only one. Please forgive me for misjudging you.

    I do say, however, that I hope I am a good judge of your rap which I love. Where can I go to hear you perform?

    We miss you!
  7. sealdaSupralapsarian

    sealdaSupralapsarian Puritan Board Freshman


    No problem Mother in Christ. I'm not offended, just was seeking clarification. Thank you for your kind words about my music. I'm not really invited to too many churches or Christian concerts due to my content being very didatic and explicitly Reformed content. I've ministered at one Presbyterian Church here in Tampa during their songs night. And my mother's Church has invited me up a few times. I have a concert there actually June 3rd. However my mother calls herself a Pastor and Apostle so it's going to get pretty hostile in there when I'm on stage. May not be the place for you to come....LOL.... I will keep you posted. If you become
    a fan on my Reverbnation page it will let you know when I have an up coming show.
    Thanks again for listening.

    Grace and Peace,

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    Thanks for the only Feedback Carol...LOL... I have the lyrics typed up. I know this genre of Music may be very hard for our Elders and Deacons and leaders who are older to follow. So I wanted to put up the lyrics to help them follow a long...LOL..Here are the lyrics:

    Blood of a Slave/But the Heart of my King/Christ Crucified in my opening Scheme/
    Here to expose the wickedest theme/Gay rights equated with Civil/ They Blaspheme/
    Yahweh's Institutional Order/Public Schools teach it/To your sons and your daughters/
    This erroneous distortion/Can a gay man compare his sin to my skin/Huh?/
    H.E. Double Hockey Sticks/No/Like a dirty boxer/That's a low blow/
    How many gays/Suffered from Jim Crow getting water hosed in the street/
    By Crook Po Po's (Police)/That's right/ You can't name any/
    They have a choice/while I'm brown like a Penny/
    Science says they were born gay men/ The Bible Proclaims/Be Born again


    Don't Compare your sin to my skin x8

    Democrats cheered for the Laws of Jim Crow/ Blacks today cheer for Obama wit the Da Fro/
    But did you know/ what was brewing in the tea/ Gays seeking Civil Rights with Humanity/
    As if their choice gives validity/ To their Polgraphy/ I'm saying/ Are these catz kidding me/
    But hold on/ This gave me a fit/ The NAACP have a mouth/But they spit/
    In the face of our King/And Dr. King/ This is obscene/and I'm making a Scene/
    Plan Parent hood killing babies in the Hood/ NAACP take their money like it's good/
    Sacrafice our Children/ So you can get your leader/
    Let me be the first/ To fix you a shot of Ether/
    King Jesus/Don't wink at your sin/He'll crush you under his feet/My friends before the End/

    Hook/Chorus x16

    Catz be like/seal why you tripping/ this ain't the churches fight/ Or Koolaid/ Why you dipping/
    I'm ripping/ The Church is God's Judge/ Bringing all thoughts captive to Christ/ The Righteous Judge/
    Get a Relay from scripture my friend/ What we loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven/
    Are you reading these quotes/I got some THEONOMIC JUICE/ For your Lawless Spilling Throats/
    The Church is called to stand for Equality/Gay rights my friend/ Is Blatant Idolatry/
    You heard it before and I'll say it again/All of mankind came from ONE MAN/
    All of mankind was BORN DEAD IN SIN/ If divided we fall then together lets Stand/
    Civil Rights isn't sexual Orientation/ But all of mens Equality as YHWH's Creation

    Hook/Chorus x8

    Grace and Peace,
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