My Reformed Book Club restructure

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I started an online book club about six months ago and have managed to keep it going. I first announced at the Puritan Board here.

But due to feedback, I'm changing the way it operates in 2010.

Previously we were reading around 10 pages a day from one book. Now we will read around 20 pages a day from seven different books each week.

Here's the lineup for the beginning of 2010:
# Sunday Supermen - Life and Times of George Whitefield by Robert Philip
# Monday Major Work - City of God by Augustine
# Tuesday Theology - Sinfulness of Sin by Ralph Venning
# Wednesday Worker - Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges
# Thursday Theology - Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray
# Friday Focus - Holiness by Ryle
# Saturday Seed Sower - Finally Alive by John Piper

The only title that has already begun is Murray's Redemption Accomplished and Applied. The rest will start in the first few days of January.

So if you're interested in participating or want to know more, visit:
Reformed Book Club: Major restructure of the book club
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