My Allan Bible came today

Discussion in 'General discussions' started by SueS, May 19, 2008.

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  1. SueS

    SueS Puritan Board Freshman

    Just 16 days after sending a check by snail mail. It's an Oxford Clarendon Brevier. There's just one word to describe it.......BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Its 30 year old predecessor with all of its highlightings, notes, and pictures (by dd) has now been placed in honorable retirement on one of our bookshelves.

    My only complaint about this Bible is that I can't imagine EVER highlighting or writing in it!!!
  2. Blueridge Believer

    Blueridge Believer Puritan Board Professor

    I bought a full yapp Oxford Long primer from them. Beautiful craftmanship
  3. christiana

    christiana Puritan Board Senior

    Yes, that first mark in it will be so painful but it must happen to make it thoroughly yours! I know the one you got is a treasure to behold but accenting those words, verses and phrases that are so significant to us makes it even better! May our Lord bless the reading of His Word to your heart!
  4. NaphtaliPress

    NaphtaliPress Administrator Staff Member

    Does Allan print the Bible or just bind what Oxford prints? If the latter, is it a rebind or do they "do" the binding for Oxford?
  5. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams Puritan Board Freshman

    I am looking to buy a Calfskin ESV with the 2007 textual updates. I bought a Calfskin ESV in 2003 but I want an updated edition and I have looked at R L Allan's site and I have a question, what is the purpose of the yapp or semi-yapp style?

    My current ESV calfskin is great but does not have the yapp style, which I almost prefer.


  6. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    The Clarendon is my Fave KJV from Allan. Chris Coldwell asked if it was a rebind by Allan: Chris, Oxford sold the rights of the Clarendon format to Allan, it is one of the better Bibles given that they do it from the bottom up, paper, binding, name it! It is a very elegant Bible!:book2:
  7. SueS

    SueS Puritan Board Freshman

    I was reading it last night in bed and was able to hold it very comfortably in one hand - it's so lightweight. It's also nice that with the full yapp style I won't have to bother with a Bible cover. I love the smell - it's like a pair of brand new expensive leather shoes. Of course, Daughter said, "How would you know, you buy your shoes at Walmart!" She has no respect!!!
  8. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Chuckle! :) Well, your daughters "brutality" aside, I agree about the Clarendon being a perfect size Bible, not overly large not a thinline either. The current Director of Allan told me this was his fathers fave Bible.:book2:
  9. N. Eshelman

    N. Eshelman Puritan Board Senior

    What is a YAPP?
  10. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    It is an overlap of leather on the cover that protects the edges of the pages, a full Yapp is almost clamshell, it eliminates the need for a Bible cover, VERY old school!:book2:
  11. SueS

    SueS Puritan Board Freshman

    There may be a problem with my new Bible

    When I ordered my Bible, it was listed in the catalog as having a "cyclopedic concordance". It says so on the box in which it arrived and is imprinted on the spine. However, what is actually there is a regular concordance - ample in its scope but NOT cyclopedic by any means. Also, on the inside of the cover is stamped, "natural goatskin" - shouldn't that have been "highland goatskin"? Number 7 in the catalog lists mid-grain goatskin with a concordance. It is also semi-yapp but my Bible is full yapp. It is rather confusing.

    I emailed the company but due to the time differences do not expect to hear back from them until tomorrow.
  12. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    They are very good with customer help. You will have an e from a either Nick or Margaret, I once got a Bible with a MINOR defect, they made an apology, sent me a new Bible and told me not to worry about shipping the old one back! SERVICE!:):):)
  13. SueS

    SueS Puritan Board Freshman

    I've kinda wondered if they might do that if there is a problem. If that happens I will give the defective Bible (which really isn't defective, just not what was advertised, KWIM) to my daughter in spite of her smart-aleck remark about my shoes. :lol:

    BTW - you have a highland goatskin cover, don't you? If so, does it say that on the inside of the cover or does it, like mine, say simply, "natural goatskin"?
  14. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    I own the black full yapp Highland Goatskin....I just looked at my inside cover it says natural goatskin. I think the "Highland" part has to do with grain and tanning, in any event I hope this helps. Dollars to Ding-Dongs you will have an email from them tommorow Like I say they are SUPER nice, they will get everything figured out. :cool:
  15. caddy

    caddy Puritan Board Senior

    I love mine! I am not going to mark in this one, but I am nothing in the pages provided at the back of the Bible.
  16. caddy

    caddy Puritan Board Senior

    ...something a teenage daughter is guilty of running? :um:
  17. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

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