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I have been using Amazon Music in order to access many worthwhile albums of classical music. I have a few frustrations with them, in that they add duplicates of the same albums, that albums sometimes become unavailable, that there are a number of things they seem to stubbornly refuse to acquire, and especially that they don't seem to have any conception of the different criteria by which to catalog classical music. Composer, catalog number, director, orchestra/ensemble, and soloist(s) all need to be specified (as well as record label), but they are almost comically bad at that. Is there a different service with comparable quantities of Fabio Biondi, Diego Fasolis, Jordi Savall, and Ottavio Dantone, but without the same limitations?
Just checked on Spotify, as you reminded me how much I love Jordi Savall. Quite the treasure trove of albums, from his latest, Gluck: Don Juan (2022) going back to some Telemann (1972). They are listed chronologically.

I had Amazon Music for a little while, but went back to Spotify as their classical selection is so much better. Might be worth a look. I pay ten bucks a month for mine, as I am allergic to ads of any sort. You can try it for free with ads.

Listening to Tous les matins du monde right now. So gorgeous.
Thanks, Elizabeth, I took a look and their chronological organization does seem much more navigable than Amazon's.

Since you like Jordi Savall, you will almost certainly enjoy Leonel Meunier and Vox Luminis. Their sound is astonishing, and they have a wonderful assortment of rarely-heard pieces.
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