Most Overrated/Underrated NBA players of all time

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Michael, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    I opened a lil' hornets nest in the Iverson thread by saying that he's the most overrated NBA player of all time. My one disclaimer is that I didn't watch basketball before the 80's so I'm hardly qualified to speak for previous eras.

    But I would love to hear the lists of others. Please share your personal TOP 5 overrated and TOP 5 underrated.

    I will gladly jump in the mix later but I've got to run to prayer meeting now...
  2. awretchsavedbygrace

    awretchsavedbygrace Puritan Board Sophomore

    Tough question. Ill state some overrated and underrated players playing now.


    1.Manu Ginobili- His numbers have dropped a bit due to injury. He isnt even a starter. But everyone knows that he is a great player. His scoring ability is up there. I hope he leaves the spurs and goes to a team where he shines.
    2.Kevin Durant- Only been in the league for 4 years and he is already an all star. His game still hasnt developed but he is a natural born shooter. He is overshadowed by all the greats today.
    3.Chris Bosh- only 25 years old. He is beginning to develop. Good rebouder and good scorer.
    4.Carmelo Anthony- Carmelo is amazing. He not only has the body to over power defenders but he is a shooter!
    5. Kobe Bryant- Yes, Kobe Bryant. Kobe receives ALOT of hate from people. He is highly unappreciated by a vast majority of people who follow the Nba.


    1. Lebron James- When people are comparing you to Michael Jordan and calling you the best of all time and its only your 7th year in the league, you know your overated. Lebron is 6'8, 260 pounds, and playing small foward. His athleticism is incredible, dont get me wrong. His dunks? AMAZING. But he is not a great shooter and is horrible at free throws. Calling him "king" is crazy. King of what?
    But of course he adds to this. His tatoo on his back reading " Chosen One" helps to add to the cult surrounding him. As well as his " we are witnesses" commercials.

    Ill think of some more later..
  3. smhbbag

    smhbbag Puritan Board Senior


    * John Stockton - in the hall of legends, he get lost amongst Isaiah, Magic, Jordan, and Bird. For a pure PG, he's my first pick of all time, if I'm building a team and not an All-Star list.


    * Shaq - I would rather listen to his CD Shaq Diesel, while playing Shaq-Fu, and watching Kazaam! than ever see him on the court again. Is that an overstatement? :)

    In general - solid (even perfect) role players, and low-key leaders are always underrated, and the physical specimens are always overrated.
  4. awretchsavedbygrace

    awretchsavedbygrace Puritan Board Sophomore

    Whoa. Shaq, overrated? I disagree. Look at his field goal percentage. Just awesome.
  5. SolaScriptura

    SolaScriptura Puritanboard Softy

    Christian Laettner - what on earth was he doing on the Dream Team??? And his stint in the NBA... come on.
  6. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    Got that right, Ben.
  7. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior


    1. Allen Iverson, for reasons given in the other thread
    2. Charles Barkley, bark is/was much bigger than his bite
    3. Reggie Miller, a one trick pony
    4. Vince Carter, famous for dunks, just not a clutch player
    5. Tracy McGrady, you can only blame the rest of his teams for so long in not ever winning a single playoff series

    Special Honorable Mention: Rick Fox, I'd have him overrated in the WNBA. Seriously.


    1. Adrian Dantley, not a household name and yet he scored 30+ four consecutive years and I think 2 scoring titles (?)
    2. Mitch Richmond, great defense with sniper accuracy on offense
    3. Chris Mullin, sweet shooter and just solid all around but always on miserable teams
    4. Scottie Pippen, incredible defensive player who really fed Jordan's career
    5. Hakeem Olajuwon, I only put him here because he very well may have been the greatest center ever but no one seems to give him that credit.

    Other [very] random favs: Shawn Kemp [young], Eddie Jones, Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott, Robert "Tractor" Traylor, Kerry Kittles, Shandon Anderson, Vinny Johnson, Tom Gugliotta, Terry Porter, Steve Smith, and Robert Horry--only cause if he was on your team you could pretty much get that ring sized up!
  8. Claudiu

    Claudiu Puritan Board Junior

    Not Kobe :p
  9. Romans922

    Romans922 Puritan Board Professor


    Horace Grant, John Paxson...oh wait...this is for all NBA teams...I'm a bulls fan...

    1. Scottie Pippen (who should go to the hall this year)
    2. Clyde Drexler
    3. John Stockton
    4. B.J. Armstrong...just kidding


    1. Shaq (FG ptc is so high because he just stands under the basket, pushes everyone out of the way and dunks, let's look at FT ptc...)
    2. Kobe
    3. Barkley
    4. Karl Malone

    I should clarify that after Jordan retired, there was no real reason for me to watch NBA basketball anymore. It has become a waste of time. Rarely do you see anyone play any defense, and everyone seems to be in it only for the money and not the game.
  10. fredtgreco

    fredtgreco Vanilla Westminsterian Staff Member


    This makes no sense. Without Malone, Stockton plays a couple of years in the NBA and is never heard from again. That could be the greatest 1-2 combo ever.
  11. Romans922

    Romans922 Puritan Board Professor

    You got me, I just couldn't stand Malone when they were playing the Bulls for the championship. I always love guys who make assists (Nash, Pistol Pete, Stockton)... :)
  12. KMK

    KMK Moderator Staff Member

    I agree with Clyde the Glide being underrated. He would have won championships with the Blazers if not for Jabar/Johnson/Worthy.

    I also think Joe Dumars was underrated simply because of the personalities of Thomas, Rodman, Lambier, and Salley. Who can compete with them for attention?
  13. Andres

    Andres Puritan Board Doctor

    I don't know enough about basketball to weigh-in, but I do know if one were to be doing the above three things mentioned, he would be having a great time! Shaq the basketball player is so-so, but Shaq the personality goes hard!

  14. Jon Peters

    Jon Peters Puritan Board Sophomore

    Can you be the greatest of all time but never actually in a single year? They never won. Plus Malone wore LA Gear!
  15. awretchsavedbygrace

    awretchsavedbygrace Puritan Board Sophomore

    Your killing me. Vince Carter is arguably the best dunker of all time. Reggie Miller is arguably one of the most clutch shooters in all of nba history, certainly one of the best and also one of the best 3 point shooters ever.

    ---------- Post added at 06:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:23 PM ----------

    Maybe your not a nba fan, just a Jordan fan. There are alot of players who play defense. Look at Josh Smith from the Atlanta Hawks. He is the youngest player to reach 1000 blocks.

    ---------- Post added at 06:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:29 PM ----------

    Negative. Shaq has post moves.

    Some big guys just cant shoot FT's. Sorry, but the whole "he pushes everyone" is not a good argument. If you have a big body, you should use that to your advantage.Charging is a violation and its the Ref's job to call it, not Shaqs.
  16. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    No argument on either of those points but it doesn't change the overrated factor, it strengthens it. How many Vinsanity dunks ever amounted to a win? Reggie was an incredible 3-point shooter but was a pylon on defense and I'm not sure if I can remember him ever driving the ball to the hoop. Like I said, one trick ponies--both of them. Doesn't mean they are bad, just overrated. That's all.
  17. Romans922

    Romans922 Puritan Board Professor

    No, I thought that the NBA was actually good before Jordan (see Johnson, Bird, Doc, Wilt....)
  18. smhbbag

    smhbbag Puritan Board Senior

    This is the one area I don't give Shaq any grief. I recall reading that he broke his right wrist pretty badly after falling out of a tree as a kid. Evidently, it healed awkwardly and doesn't allow him to bend it backwards. Without that, there's nothing to do except pretend it's a shot-put.
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