Most Annoying Sit-Com Characters. Poll Time!

Most Annoying Sit-Com Characters.....

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Puritan Board Doctor
Who is the most annoying sit-com character? Hmmmm... the sheer choices boggle the mind! SO, let us put it to a Poll!!!!!:bouncy::wwbd::bueller::banana::popcorn: (The ones who made your skin crawl.)


Puritan Board Senior
Vanessa on The Cosby Show
Rebecca on Cheers
Morty Seinfeld on Seinfeld
Bulldog on Frasier
Grace on Will & Grace
The Barone twins on Everybody Loves Raymond
Angela on The Office

Marrow Man

Drunk with Powder
How about Mr. Drysdale from "The Beverly Hillbillies"?

If this were a poll on the Most Lovable Minor Character on a sit-com, I would go with Grady from "Sanford and Son."

Is there an emoticon for "Good Goobly Goo"?


George Costanza! Need I say more?

Diane in Cheers.

Everybody in Married With Children (though I loved it!)


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I cannot stand Peterman. Another one on Seinfeld is Patrick Warburton.
Boooooo! They're great!
I think Wharburton is funny in everything he does. Puddy was one of my favorite minor characters on the show, and his newish sitcom Rules of Engagement is pretty funny too.


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Ray on Everybody Loves Raymond. The character is a wimp. He doesn't lead or take responsibility, his wife walks all over him....

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