More on Jus Divinum and Independency

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
I've posted four more original documents online at APM concerning Jus Divinum (yes even a shorter document I have). Again, they are in Old English and are divided by original pages. Chris Blum helped put these in this form from their original form. Enjoy.

The Late Schismatic Petition For a Diabolical Toleration Of Several Religions Expounded
by Reverend, Doctor Holdisworth (10-12-05)

Reformation of Church Government in Scotland, 1643
by the Scottish Commissioners (10-12-05)

Against The Independent's Catechism
by Rev. John Bernard (10-12-05)

An Answer Jure Divino
by the London Ministers (10-12-05)
Looks great!

Still haven't read Jus Divinum yet.

Getting bogged down with books to read...:chained:
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