Michael Horton Interviews Robert Schuller (1992)

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My favorite line is this:

CALLER: Dr. Schuller, Paul called the gospel an offense. You seem to have a gospel that is a “kinder, gentler” kind of thing.
RS: Thank you. I try to make it that way.


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:eek: is right!!!

I've heard Horton refer to this inteview ibn the White Horse Inn. Reading the rest makes me ill.


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How to choose a church. Pathetic. Crystal Cathedral Ministries : Support - Find a Church

This week's "pastor": Suzette Caldwell Crystal Cathedral Ministries : Hour of Power : Pastors : Suzette Caldwell

Q.My wife who is blind, watches the Hour of Power, and was wondering if anything is wrong with Robert Schuler, Jr.? She hasn't seen him in a couple of months. Thanks!

A. Unfortunately Robert Schuller Jnr (RAS) was
forbidden to preach in the Crystal Cathedral about
August last year. He could remain as Head pastor
but not allowed to preach in either the cathedral
or the H of P. So he ended up resigning. There
have been and still are a lot of people upset about


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There might be a copyright problem with the audio. It's hosted on a church site in the UK so I didn't think much about linking to it.

For now, until I hear differently from White Horse Inn, I'm going to remove the mp3 link.

Schuller's statements are simply incredible though. Even sadder is that if you search Twitter for Schuller you will see many people quoting him.


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Ah, a classic. I remember hearing that while in college as I was moving from Evangelicalism/Pentecostalism to the Reformed Church.
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