May a layman do a digital course on Cessationism?

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In my work as a Copywriter, I sometimes have the opportunity of working with someone who shares our evangelical religion.

And, in some cases, I may have even the chance of working in the marketing of courses that are focused on theological issues.

Recently, I've been given an opportunity to work with a Online Course on Cessationism.

But, even though the doctrine is reformed and orthodox, I wonder if I should accept the chance the Lord has presented before me.

The reason is that the teacher of that course is a layman.

But let us first notice some other things:

1- He is supported in such effort by his minister.

2- He is a member of the Brazilian Presbyterian Church.

3- He is more than qualified to teach on this specific matter.

4-There is no such deep material about the subject in our land, who is terribly desolated by pentecostalism and neo-pentecostalism (I'm not sure if you guys have such a movement in your countries...).

5- The course will be given by him trough recorded classes on issues related to Cessationism. Some are properly theological and biblical, others relate to Church History, etc.

The question is:

Can he teach at such a course lawfully our would it be an unlawfull usurpation of the ministry?

Is a digital course a form of public teaching?
Speaking as a layman who often is looking to make sure he's staying in his lane (in my place), if you have assurances this course had oversight and the result has the approval of his pastor or even his presbytery, I don't see a problem. But, have you asked your own pastor and elders? I think that is the important ones to have approval from if you are concerned.
I've been talking to them about it, and considering the issue also.

My local elders and pastors seem to think it's ok.

But I've talked to a Presbyterian minister of the Brazilian Northeast (talking to those of my region would be useless, they basically don't care about WLC 158), and he thought it was a bad idea.

Tell me: which reasons would lead you to deem his teaching as lawfull and private? It will be very helpful for me!
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