Matthew Poole and the Book of Exodus

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    I am just beginning a revision of the translation of Matthew Poole's Synopsis on the Book of Exodus.

    The studies will be organized on the class page here.

    The first installment is here.

    You are all cordially invited to follow along and to participate. New lessons will be posted on the class page on an almost daily basis. The very best portions I will post in this thread.

    May the Lord Jesus bless the study, drawing us closer to Himself.
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    The genealogies in the Bible are frequently neglected. We just don't know what to do with them.

    The Book of Exodus begins with a brief genealogy; and when we come across the genealogical records of the people of God, we can at least take away this sweet application, that, although God is infinitely exalted above the highest heavens, He condescends and takes note of each of us by name.
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    People are more than just the last problem that you had with them.

    When you are facing difficulty in a relationship, try to remember in gratitude all that that person has been to you and has done for you. It is amazing how a grateful remembrance of past benefits can "cover a multitude of sins".

    On the other hand, behold how destructive an ungrateful forgetfulness can be...

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