Matthew Henry on Isaiah 38:20

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Here is the verse ...

"The LORD was ready to save me: therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of the LORD."
And here is part of his commentary ...

...First, "I will publish and proclaim his praises. I and my family, I and my friends, I and my people, will have a concert of praise to his glory: We will sing my songs to the stringed instruments, that others may attend to them, and be affected with them, when they are in the most devout and serious frame in the house of the Lord." It is for the honour of God, and the edification of his church, that special mercies should be acknowledged in public praises, especially mercies to public persons, [KJV]Psalm 116:18,19[/KJV]. Secondly, "I will proceed and persevere in his praises." We should do so all the days of our life, because every day of our life is itself a fresh mercy and brings many fresh mercies along with it; and as renewed mercies call for renewed praises, so former eminent mercies call for repeated praises. It is by the mercy of God that we live, and therefore, as long as we live, we must continue to praise him, while we have breath, nay, while we have being. Thirdly, "I wil propagate and perpetuate his praises." We should not only praise him all the days of our life, but the father to the children should make known his truth, that the ages to come may give God the glory of his truth by trusting to it. It is the duty of parents to posess their children with a confidence in the truth of God, which will go far towards keeping them close to the ways of God. ...
I especially appreciate what he says about renewed mercies ... renewed praises, because it helps me understand better what it means when the Psalms instruct us to "sing a new song."
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