Matt B Redmond on Youth ministry

Discussion in 'General discussions' started by lynnie, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. lynnie

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    The Stories and My Soaring Heart: A Defense of Youth Ministry | Echoes and Stars

    This is a sweet post. 90 weeks in Romans.

    snip: I was convinced teenagers not only had the capacity but the latent desire for depth and challenging thought. They just were not used to it. And the adults surrounding them were not either. They were convinced the only way to draw kids in so they could be discipled was through silly games and events. I was convinced through teaching the Scriptures, prayer, and being their friend we would see something happen over time. Slowly but surely.
  2. Jack K

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    Yes, that's the way to do it. The job doesn't cease to be the ministry of the Word and prayer just because those you're ministering to are teenagers.
  3. SolaSaint

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    Nice story. We just hired a new youth pastor and I hope he takes the road spelled out here. We need more of this and very much less of the entertaining of our youth with silly games and pizza. We left a seeker church about 10 years ago that scrapped a Wednesday night Bible study and in it's place they installed a bar and video games and a pool table in the basement which was transformed into a darkly lit atmosphere where girls would snuggle up to boys on a couch in the corner where adult supervision was weak at best. No bible study from then on, just a 2 minute devotional by the youth guy. But it was wildly successful in their eyes as many kids came. We had about 10 kids before that loved to come learn the bible and after 30 kids came but never heard the gospel message spoken. This was the same in adult church, the more numbers meant success. We had to leave.
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