Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Sealing of the Holy Spirit

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During my teaching series on Ephesians I have been reading Martyn Lloyd-Jones' commentary of Ephesians. In fact, the commentary series was recommended from users on the PB. I have found the first volume helpful. But Dr. Lloyd-Jones' treatment of the sealing of the Holy Spirt (Ephesians 1:13,14) is troubling. In essence, he teaches that the sealing of the Spirit does not automatically occur at salvation. He seems to teach that is conditional. Is anyone else bothered by this?

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I think ML-J was following some of the Puritans in this teaching, which of course isn't widely held in Reformed circles today. I think he taught that there was a special "baptism" or infilling to equip some saints for service, etc.

Similar to Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones was a brilliant man and very powerful preacher and Christian leader, but he had no formal theological education. But given the time and place in which he began his ministry, that may have been a plus.


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Lloyd-Jones followed Goodwin on that view. If I recall doesn't he quote Goodwin quite a bit in that commentary?

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