Manton on Mothers who feel inadequate

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    I recently bought the Puritan Publications 1647 Westminster Standards, 3rd edition and I was reading a portion of Reverend Manton's epistle to the reader to my mother when I read this paragraph, regarding educating children in the fear and knowledge of the Lord:

    Especially women should be careful of this duty; because as they are most about their children, and have early and frequent opportunities to instruct them, so this is the principal service they can do to God in this world, being restrained from more publick work. And doubtless many an excellent magistrate hath been sent into the Commonwealth, and many an excellent pastor into the Church, and many a precious saint to heaven, through the happy preparations of a holy education, perhaps by a woman that thought herself useless and unserviceable to the Church.

    The last line almost made my mother cry, as she's frequently felt like she's not called to anything, and not good at anything. I think Manton has become my favourite Puritan. Even his prefatory letter is an excellent, devotional article.

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