Making pdf's from Word

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I do not have good security on the computer that I use for editing (and can't get it here except Norton which I hate), but I need the program to convert Word to pdf. I'd like to download the program to a flash drive on my little Acer (which has security) and transfer it. Is this possible?
Also, I've heard that pdf doesn't tolerate page breaks, that I need to remove all of them. Is this true? Page breaks sometimes convey meaning, so I'd like to keep them in.


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Mary, what versions of Word do you have? Most recent versions allow you to "save as pdf."

Otherwise, I've used the free Bullzip pdf printer with good effect. - Free PDF Printer

You install it and simply print, choosing "bullzip printer" instead of whatever other printer you may have. It will save the pdf wherever you tell it to.

And page breaks don't matter. It prints what you see on your screen.


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I have Word 2007. So if I'm into my document, I can do a "Save as" and just put pdf at the end rather than docx?
How about the Bullzip printer? Is that something I can download onto a flash drive and then transfer to my full-size computer? Because of security, I really can't download anything directly onto that computer. I'll play with what you suggest today and see if it works. I'm so glad for the page breaks being acceptable.


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I can do a "Save as" and just put pdf at the end rather than docx?

No, when you do 'Save As' there will be two lines near the bottom of the dialogue box. One will be 'file name'. The one below it will be 'Save as type'.

Click on the down pointing triangle at the end of the 'Save as type' box. The default format is probably 'Word Document', but when you click on that triangle, a list of close to 20 file types should appear. Toward the middle should be 'PDF'. Click on it, and it should put PDF in the box where 'Word Document' formerly appeared. Click the save button, and then open the folder where you normally save documents, and see if the one with the PDF type isn't the last one there.

As I recall, you are working with some large files, so it may take a few minutes to convert and save.
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