Lukes Geneology - Joseph's or Mary's

Discussion in 'The Gospels & Acts' started by Ed Walsh, Mar 2, 2018.

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  1. Ed Walsh

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    All commentators (that I have read) believe that Matthew presents the legal line of descendants from Abraham through Joseph, the legal father of Jesus. Many commentaries think that Luke's genealogy traces Mary's genetic path all the way back to Adam, the Son of God. Some are not sure if Luke presents Joseph's or Mary's. Still, some, notably J Gresham Machen, believe that both genealogies are of Joseph. For years I have thought Luke presents Mary's line, but it is hard to differ from the likes of Machen. Here's a link to a free eBook of Machen's The Virgin Birth of Christ.

    I have been leading a group on Luke's gospel, and this coming Monday we are in the genealogy. Please friends; I could use a little help.

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  2. greenbaggins

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    My view is that both genealogies are of Joseph, and that Matthew gives us the royal line of those who sat on the throne, and Luke gives us the legal line of the oldest son. I believe that Mary also was of the Davidic line, though how that is so is up for debate, of course. Ancient views on genealogies were a bit more flexible than modern notions.
  3. Puritan Sailor

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    I agree with Machen's argument in Virgin Birth and have yet to find a better explanation. Matthew's genealogy records the line of royal throne succession to Joseph. Luke's is the biological line of Joseph.
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