Louw & Nida, Greek-English Lexicon -- difference between 1st and 2nd edition?

Discussion in 'Languages' started by Casey, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Casey

    Casey Puritan Board Junior

    This lexicon doesn't appear to be in print any more and there are two editions:

    1. 1st edition set ISBN: 0826703402 (copyright 1988)
    2. 2nd edition set ISBN: 0826703437 (copyright 1989), Amazon link

    I ordered the 2nd edition and the seller sent me the 1st edition by accident. I'm trying to decide if I should return it because the wrong item was sent, or if I should just keep it. The front-matter has different pagination and a different table of contents, but the lexical entry pages (and page numbering) appear to be the same, though I only compared a few pages. I don't want to be too particular, but if there are important differences, then I want to insist on having the 2nd edition.

    Does anyone know the difference between the two editions? Thanks.
  2. CharlieJ

    CharlieJ Puritan Board Junior

    I can't answer your question, but I'll point out that you can get Louw-Nida in software packages such as Bibleworks, Logos, and Accordance. I mention this b/c it's hard to find things in L-N b/c the words aren't listed alphabetically.
  3. Casey

    Casey Puritan Board Junior

    Brother, yes, I have BibleWorks but I wanted it in print. I compared the 1st and 2nd edition. All I could tell was different was the Introduction (not just pagination, the text has been edited). But it looks like the lexical entries in the 2nd edition are simply photocopies of the 1st edition and not modified, so I think I'll keep it.
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