Lord's Day Recreation Articles

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Can anyone point me in the direction of any brief articles in agreement with the recreation clause of the Lord's Day, as per the Westminster Standards, hopefully aimed at someone currently unfamiliar with the position?

Perhaps something that would clearly and practically explain it from a Scriptural perspective, versus contrary views.


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I don't have any articles, but my understanding is that the primary verse pointed to would be Isa 58:13, specifically the injunction to abstain from "finding thine own pleasure".

Edit: There is an article in volume 5 of the Confessional Presbyterian, page 229. I happened to have that here at work with me (I'm woefully behind!)


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Contact Lane Keister (GreenBaggins); he may have a Word version prior to the final layout version and this being well beyond the journal's exclusive use period, is free to do with that as he wishes. The text as published is copyrighted.
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