Lord’s Day Sermons (12/17)

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Please share what you heard preached this Lord’s Day (or, if you are a pastor, what you preached on)!

My pastor (@ the PCA church) continued his series on Matthew’s gospel, preaching from Matthew 16:5-12 (“Hardness and Grace, Part II”). He discussed how the disciples’ lack of bread served as a means by which Jesus could teach them about the true danger, “the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.” However, the disciples have blinded themselves to what Jesus is really trying to teach them because of their incessant focus on their temporal need, requiring Jesus to reprimand them and point them back to the prior revelation of Himself as Sovereign over creation and human need in ch. 14 and 15. Christ teaches us to raise our eyes higher than temporal needs or responsibilities to spiritual things.
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In the morning I preached on Acts 14:8-19, "Christ confronts the idolatry of the world through his servants."
In the afternoon I preached on Leviticus 24:10-16, "Blasphemy: no sin is greater" -- our catechism lesson being Lord's Days 36 and 37 of the HC.

Coincidentally, both passages involved someone getting stoned.
I preached on Romans 11:11-15 as part of a series on Romans. I titled the sermon "The Fall of Israel" and explored the fact of this fall, the effect of this fall, the blessing of this fall, the latter in the present to both Jew & Gentile as well as in the future.
My pastor continued his sermon series on Hebrews, preaching on 2:16-18, focusing on Jesus' role as our High Priest.

In the evening I visited an OPC congregation where I heard a sermon on Zechariah 9:1-10.
@jw I actually listened to Rev. Ruddell’s sermon “The Imperative to Reform” yesterday because you had posted it somewhere, and I thought it was incredible!
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