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Was wondering if anyone has a Kindle copy of Michael Reeves "Delighting in the Trinity" that I could borrow for the weekend.. For anyone who doesn't know you can go into your Amazon account Kindle library and loan any eBook you have and after like two weeks or so it automatically returns to your library. Only catch is you don't have access to the book you loan until it returns to your library. Would really appreciate it if anyone can do this for me. Would love to read it this weekend.. Thanks..

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PM me your email address that I can use to loan my copy of the book to you.

EDIT: Scratch that. The publisher prohibits the loaning of this title. Not all Kindle books have the permissions to loan them out to others.

Kindle books with loanable permissions may only be loaned out one time only per user account, too. And a user may only loan out one book at a time. The normal loan period is 14 days. To reduce that period the person loaned a book will have to delete it from his or her Kindle library so it is returned to the lender earlier than the default 14 day lending period.
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