Looking for resources for youth groups (age 13-18)

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Puritan Board Freshman
Im looking for resources and aids to educate high school teenagers (13-18).
So study guides, books, courses that are either available on the internet or in print.
I know alot of people might just say: teach the bible!
The problem is there will be quite of few people leading that will not have so great a grasp of scriptures to just "teach the bible". So it's easiest and safest to have a trustworthy aid.

The difficulty is that the level of depth will probably need to be minimal as these teens are very easily distracted and tend not to focus well when you talk too much "theory".
Also for books, it would be best if the content can be easily converted into discussion questions, as we don't just have someone talking the whole time (they would get really bored), we have alot of discussions throughout.

The best way to describe these teens is: they have confessed Christ (most) but they lack the hunger for spiritual things and the things of God. Plenty of them probably only come to see their friends.
They have recently done a study through the gospel - sin, judgment, law, grace, Christ, salvation, faith...
Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Even if they aren't resource related.
Not open for further replies.