Looking for quote on the hour of death (Watson?)

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Hi, wondering if someone could help me locate a quote I have in my head... something to the effect that, if we knew all God knew, then we would agree that the time he chooses for us to die is best, and we'd choose to die then, too.

I think it is Watson, but I am not able to find it in the usual suspects. So, hopefully this rings a bell for someone, and an internet sleuth could locate that for me. I'd be much appreciative.

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Brother, I ran Logos searches that scanned the works of Watson, Flavel, Sibbes, Baxter, Boston, Charnock, Edwards, Calvin, M'Cheyne, Owen, Gurnall, and many others. I also tried various snippets of the quote but had no success.

If you can think of any more particulars, let me know. This is going to bug me until I find who said it.
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