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N. Eshelman

Puritan Board Senior
I am looking for articles on leaving an inheritance for your children and the work of the Kingdom.

I am particularly interested in articles that ask difficult questions and give difficult answers.

For example:

-Should you leave $ to the local church?
-Do all children have a "right" to an equal inheritance?
-Should children who are unbelievers receive a part of the inheritance?
-Should we fund para-church ministries at the expense of church-centered ministries?

I would appreciate all that you've got. Link away:


Puritan Board Freshman
Randy Alcorn's book Money, Possessions, and Eternity has a chapter (or two) addressing the questions regarding inheritance for children.

Alan D. Strange

Puritan Board Senior

What would you deem to be a difficult answer to any or all of these questions?

There's a lot of stuff out there, particularly by Christian organizations, both churches and extra-ecclesiastical ones (for instance, the OPC and the PCA both have stewardship materials that includes information on wills, bequests, etc., referenced on their respective websites; the latter has a rather well-developed foundation to address such that you can find out about at http://pcafoundation.com/).

The Barnabas Foundation is an extra-ecclesiastical agency given over to providing materials and offering counsel in this area. You can check them out at http://barnabasfoundation.com/.



Puritan Board Professor
This may sound off but leaving money to ones family can be toward the work of the Kingdom. Not to say one may not leave some of an inheritance to your church which is also great.
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