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I am in search of a few good resources defending and defining the Non-Instrumental position. I hope to find both an in-depth/technical resource and a more concise and teachable one. Do any of my PB brethren have any suggestions?

*Note* This is not a thread to debate the position of a capella nor EP.


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I would recommend Brian Schwartley's* Musical Instruments in the Public Worship of God. (here)

*His books are pretty good, and I would leave it at that.


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It's a lot of reading and you'll get much more than a discussion on RPW but it does a great job of presenting the Confessional view on the RPW in general.

Robert L. Dabney, Review of Dr. Girardeau’s Instrumental Music in Public Worship | Naphtali Press
Come on, you can be confessional without being psalm-only ; non-instrument. Lig Duncan is a great example.
1. This is not a thread to debate the issue.
2. I didn't state that CPJ dealt exclusively with non-instrumental EP but nails down the RPW pretty tightly against some modern writings that are attempting to re-cast the principle.
3. Depending upon what one means by "Confessional", then neither Ligon Duncan nor myself are confessional on this issue as I take an exception to it. (see item 1)
4. Integrity demands that I understand the original intent of "...singing psalms with grace in the heart...." without trying to make it include musical instruments and uninspired songs. (see item 1)
5. It is only by studying and dealing honestly with the nature of the RPW and how the non-instrumental EP position that one can come to a position that simply doesn't wave it off without due consideration.


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Michael, I would recommend that you go directly to John L. Girardeau's Instrumental Music in Public Worship. A review is one thing, but the book itself is not all that lengthy and will serve your purpose better. The problem may be finding a copy, though. Try WorldCat.org: The World's Largest Library Catalog If you still can't locate a copy, send me a PM.


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Thank you all. These all look like excellent resources and very able to fulfill my needs and purposes.
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