Looking for images related to Ordo Salutis

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Vanilla Westminsterian
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I am looking for images (pictures, charts, infographics) related to the Ordo Salutis which I can use in a PowerPoint presentation. I'd appreciate any leads or links.


Jack K

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I made this one for kids, so it's very simple and probably a bit cheesy. But simple may be just right for your purpose.

Summary of salvation chart | Gospel Teacher
I would have put Justified & Adopted before Converted eh..!
Well, the explanation on my website (which I didn't link to) introducing the chart points out that the order is a logical one rather than a chronological one. Although conversion and justification and adoption take place simultaneously in time, the logical order puts conversion first because the elements of conversion are repentance and faith, which logically come after regeneration and before justification. Now this, of course, is a matter theologians debate sometimes... but most Reformed theologians I know put conversion in that spot, and this view makes the most sense to me.

When I teach this to kids I'm more concerned with showing the fullness of salvation, with all its elements, than I am with debating in which order these elements most logically ought to be listed.
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