Logos Community Pricing -16 January Deadline

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Logos has found enough interest in two community pricing suggestions to move them to pre-production, the deadline by which you can enjoy this community pricing is 16th January after which the price tends to double or treble.

The two titles are:

Sacred Rhetoric [DOWNLOAD]

Following in the footsteps of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Horace, Quintilian, and countless other preeminent thinkers, Sacred Rhetoric: A Course of Lectures on Preaching marks the great Southern theologian Robert Lewis Dabney’s deft foray into the utmost concern of all preachers – the eloquent oration of God’s Word. This non-denominational textbook, based on Dabney’s years of teaching Pulpit Rhetoric in Union Theological Seminary, advances the practices of the classic rhetoricians while emphasizing the specific needs of the Christian preacher.
Robert Lewis Dabney
361 pages

The price is $8 although this may still fall further as more people bid.

Biblical and Theological Studies [DOWNLOAD]

Standing as a testament to Princeton Theological Seminary's spiritual heritage and service to the church over its first 100 years, Biblical and Theological Studies is a collection of selected works from fifteen of Princeton's former students-turned-professors. The reader of this work is given a portal into Princeton's campus from 1812–1912 as if a student enrolled in classes that have been hand-picked by the respected professors' peers. Featured essays by renown theologians and exegetes Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield, Geerhardus Vos, Robert Dick Wilson, John Gresham Machen, and Oswald Thompson Allis!
Princeton Theological Seminary's faculty
634 pages

The price is $7 although this may still fall further as more people bid.

The Community pricing project I would really like to ove to production is The Church of Christ (2 Vols.) [DOWNLOAD]
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