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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Greetings all.

In the coming months, APM is going to be working with Logos / Faithlife to create some discounts on Reformed Theology, Puritan sets, Puritan devotionals, and such. Currently, those sales are being determined and are in the works. They will be substantial savings on books in the "wheelhouse" of A Puritan's Mind bought directly out of Logos.

There are 2 sales going on right now:

[1] Through the end of the month, there are savings for works Thomas Nelson Publishers put out.

The link is here for that sale.

Some of the works that may be of interest are all priced at $7.99, like Robert Reymond's A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, which is a deal.

[2] Also, we have a sale through Reformed.org that is 10% off any Logos Package or Upgrade Set plus 5 free books now through this link, and 10% can be applied to any package they have on that page, literally thousands of volumes.

Use the coupon REFORMED8 during checkout at this link to see the add on sets, which includes their Reformed packages, and a host of other packages there.

Obviously, I don't endorse any of the junk put out. But when there is a deal on a good book, I'll let you know.
I'll post savings as they send them to us.



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Thanks for pointing out the Systematic Theology deal, great price. Have wanted to go through this volume along with Tim Conways series.
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