Little sinners

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Blueridge Believer

Puritan Board Professor
Little sinners

(John Flavel, "Keeping the Heart")

Perhaps the smallness of the sin is urged as
a reason why you may commit it: "It is but
a little sin--a small matter--a trifle!"

But, if you commit this little sin--you will offend
a great God! Is there any little hell to torment
little sinners in? No! The least sinners in hell are
full of misery! There is great wrath treasured up
for those whom the world regard as little sinners.

The less the sin--the less the inducement you should
have to commit it. Will you provoke God for a trifle?
Will you destroy your peace, wound your conscience,
and grieve the Spirit--all for nothing? What madness
is this!
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