Let Him Kiss Me With the Kisse of His Mouth

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Andrew had a link to this amazing poem (and a short bio of the poet) on his blog yesterday (here):

What placed in the Sun: and yet my ware,
A Cloud upon my head? an Hoodwinke blinde?
In middst of Love thou layst on mee, despare?
And not a blinke of Sunshine in my minde?
Shall Christ bestow his lovely Love on his,
And mask his face? allowing not a kiss?
Shall ardent love to Christ enfire the Heart?
Shall hearty love in Christ embrace the Soule?
And shall the Spirituall Eye be wholy dark,
In th'heart of Love, as not belov'd, Condole?
In th'midst of Love's bright Sun, and yet not see
A Beame of Love allow'd to lighten thee?

Lord! read the Riddle: Shall a gracious heart
The object of thy love be sick of Love?
And beg a kiss under the piercing Smart,
Of want thereof? Lord pitty from above.
What wear the Sun, without a ray of light?
In midst of Sunshine, meet a pitchy night?

Thy foes, whose Souls Sins bowling alley's grown
With Cankering Envy rusty made, stand out
Without all Sense of thy Sweet Love ere shown
Is no great wonder. Thou lov'st not this rout.
But wonder't is that such that grudge their hearts
Hold love too little for thee, should thus smart.

Nay, nay, stand Sir: here's wisdom very cleare.
None sensibly can have thy love decline:
That never had a drop thereof: nor ere
Did test thereof. This is the right of thine.
Such as enjoy thy Love, may lack the Sense
May have thy love and not loves evidence.

Maybe thy measures are above thy might.
Desires Crave more than thou canst hold by far:
If thou shouldst have but what thou would, if right,
Thy pipkin soon would run ore, breake, or jar.
Wisdom allows enough: none t'wast is known.
Because thou hast not all, say not, thoust none.

Christ loves to lay thy Love under Constraint.
He therefore lets not's Love her Candle light,
To see her Lovely arms that never faint
Circle thyself about, with greate Delight.
The prayers of Love ascend in gracious tune
To him as Musick, and as heart perfume.

But listen, Soule, here seest thou not a Cheate.
Earth is not heaven: Faith not Vision. No.
To see the Love of Christ on thee Compleate
Would make heavens Rivers of joy, earth overflow.
This is the Vale of tears, not mount of joyes.
Some Crystal drops while here may well suffice.

But, oh my Lord! let mee lodge in thy Love.
Although thy Love play bow-peep with me here.
Though I be dark: want Spectacles to prove
Thou lovest mee: I shall at last see Clear.
And though not now, I then shall sing thy praise.
In that thy love did tende me all my dayes.
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