Law regulations and fulfillment

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Hey I was wondering if someone could help me out, this might be a new covenant theology or dispensational theology thing but he footnotes in the middle of this: "I do not subscribe to the arbitrary splicing up of the Law into ceremonial, civil, and moral. This is not taught in Scripture. The Jews saw all the Law as moral. Every point was binding, and the Christ’s life and death did not fulfill only the civil and ceremonial parts, He fulfilled the whole Law"
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He says this at the end of the blog post:

So when you study Deuteronomy, remember that it is not about keeping rules or breaking rules. You are learning about God from the commands he gave Israel. And you are applying them to your relationship with him.

That sounds a lot like classic dispensationalism - that the saints of the OT related to, or were saved, differently than the NT saints were. The author has received the bulk of his theological training from the Master's Seminary so the dispensational influence is not surprising.
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