Last call Grand Debate at prepub pricing through Dec 11 & get Confessional Presbyterian. 10

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smGrandDebateStacked.jpg Last call for the Pre-publication offer of The Grand Debate which ships from the book maker Dec. 11. Many thanks to all those who’ve made this one of the most successful prepub-sales I can remember Naphtali Press. The print run which is limited to 550 copies is 60% sold. The pre-publication offer of $24.95 +s/h expires after Dec 11 (retail, $52.40). Thanks to all who have already ordered. For USA readers of both Naphtali Press and The Confessional Presbyterian journal, through Dec. 11, you can order both the book and the 2014 10th issue of the journal with this convenient link (prices will change after Dec. 11). The Paypal links allow orders in multiples. The two titles will ship separately as noted below.

**USA ONLY; Both The Grand Debate pre-pub (24.95+4.50 postage) and CPJ 10 ($20) (total $49.95 paid via Naphtali Press).

Or use these individual links to pick up one or the other title. Again the price for The Grand Debate will rise after Dec. 11.

**The Grand Debate only. Postage included. Orders to ship week after Dec. 11.
(N.B. We have now arranged for this title to be available next year in the U.K. from James Dickson Books, if U.K. customers would prefer to save on the exorbitant postage contact them in January.

USA, media rate (+4.50 postage) $29.45 .

Canada, priority (+19.50 postage) $44.45.

All other International destinations (plus 23.50 postage) $48.45.

**The Confessional Presbyterian Journal volume 10 (2014 issue)--only. Orders to ship week after Dec. 14.
Individual USA $20 until January 1st ($25 thereafter).
Institutional $25.
Outside USA $35

More information on The Confessional Presbyterian v. 10. The Confessional Presbyterian

More information on The Westminster Assembly's Grand Debate:Prepub offer: The Westminster Assembly’s Grand Debate. | Naphtali Press
The Westminster Assembly's The Grand Debate has been released to shipping and I should have the books by mid next week but I'm hoping earlier. Looks like the book maker hit 550 exactly on the print run and I'm very nearly 350 presold; so I doubt we will be seeing as good a sale price again for this volume. through Dec 11 $29.45 postage paid US. In the UK James Dickson books will be carrying so if you have held off you may find copies with them next year. Others see links above for Canada and other International. I was convinced given the subject this book was going to be financially in the "take one for the team" territory; many thanks to all who have made it actually one of the best pre publications Naphtali Press has done.
The Grand Debate is scheduled to be delivered Saturday. The prepublication pricing has expired but the links will not be updated right away so anyone who sneaks an order in between now and sometime Monday it will be honored. I will start getting orders out on Monday. Many thanks to everyone who's interest has made this a successful project. It has been long in the making but finally done.
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